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Group Tours

    • Per university policy, all guests visiting campus will be required to wear a fabric or disposable face mask that covers the individual’s nose and mouth. Bandanas, scarves, gaiters, or buffs are not acceptable. You are encouraged to bring your own mask. If you do not have one, we will provide a disposable mask for your visit.
    • Each visitor to campus, including each individual student and sponsor on a group tour, will be required to complete the Visitor COVID-19 Screening within 24 hours of the campus tour. The screening form will be emailed to the group sponsor 24 hours prior to the tour. The group sponsor is responsible for distributing the Screening Tool to students. Should any guests arrive on campus without completing the screening form, they will be required to complete it prior to the tour. If an individual does not complete the form or does not receive clearance, they will not be able to attend the campus tour.
  • MANDATORY: Groups must register or make requests two weeks prior to an on-campus visit.
  • PARKING/DROP-OFF: Only groups scheduled through our office will receive parking passes. All others will need to contact OU Parking Services. Our office can only provide parking passes to groups who have registered their visit through our office. For all other groups, please contact OU Parking Services to purchase a visitor permit at (405) 325-3311.  
  • MAXIMUM GROUP SIZE: 30 students plus chaperones (1 chaperone over 21 for every 12 students). Please check our Minors of Campus Policy.  

These guidelines apply to group tours for high school and transfer students. If you are a high school or transfer student interested in taking a general campus tour, click here.


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