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Campus Map & Visitor Materials Request

Many changes have occurred on the Norman Campus in the last 6 years. Make sure to replace any maps older than the 2015 version. (date in fine print on back cover) 

Help us keep the OU maps free of charge by not sending off campus ON SPECULATION, i.e., in recruiting packets, or to anyone who may never actually be here to use them. 

Please check your building's number on the new map and update websites and other communications to your visitors. Due to numerous building additions and removals, some campus buildings have new map numbers. 

For question regarding the web version of the campus map, please contact OU WebCommunications

Helpful numbers for additional requests:
- Norman City Map: 405-321-7260
- Sooner Magazine: 405-325-9685
- Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art: 405-325-3272
- Sam Noble Museum of Natural History: 405-325-4712

We will notify you when your order is ready for pick up with your name & dept. at the front desk of the OU Visitor Center. 

(quantities of 10 and under do NOT require a request, stop by anytime)

**The Visitor Center does not have gift bags, folders or swag for conferences or events.**

Delivery options

For requests of 40 and under, we will send them through campus mail. Larger orders will be available, when notified, for pick-up at Jacobson Hall- Visitor center. Must be picked up within 2 days.